DRINK festival
Guests get to experience and enjoy, sometimes exclusive, Tastings of Drinks and Food. Party in a safe, social and entertaining environment while meeting some great new people. We invite the best local artists, musicians, performers and DJs that play the music you love.

Drinks, Beers, Wines, Spirits, Sodas

Taste Beverages from around the world, Sodas, Beers, Wines, Spirits, Champagnes & Flavored Waters.


PRE PARTY - 1 Hour VIP Early Entry

PARTY - 3 Hours with General Admission

AFTER PARTY - Plus Drink Specials Around Town

Live Music & DJs

Enjoy your favorite tunes from live bands / DJs from Clubs you dance at.


All Day

Restaurants & Food Trucks

Your favorite restaurants & (sometimes) food trucks will be offering unique tastes from around the globe.


All Day Around The City

Local City Activities

DRINKfest gives you the opportunity to sample from local supporting Restaurants, Lounges, Nightclubs or Bars in the area; and Local Art Galleries, Theaters, Concert Venues to attract visitors after DRINKfest.


Immediately Following Event